A Terrible Time

By: Laura Anna Wainer

We live in a world that continually surprises us with heartbreaking news—both on the bigger scale, where the virus and now the war rules, and on a personal level, where I’m sure many can recognize the toll the past couple of years has taken on their mental health. 

Common themes in our lives at the moment are such as; loneliness, sadness, confusion, disbelief, frustration, and fear. 

How are we supposed to move forward and think about our futures when the world is doing all it can to bring us down? 

Sharing with those in need

I recently welcomed three inspiring young creatives into our home. They are fleeing the war that has taken over their beautiful home country. Ukraine, where they were born, went to school, had family dinners on Sundays, and hung out with friends on Saturdays. Their lives changed from one day to the next, and everything they thought they knew turned into questions. What now? 

They have been here for a week, and though they are in a horrible state of awaiting terrible news any minute, they approach the world with kindness, creativity, laughs, and curiosity. I am inspired by their strength, and I hold on to it dearly in my quest to refind my purpose. When all seems lost, kindness and love still find their way. 

As I am mentally working through an identity crisis of the highest level, I wish I could turn to the last page to ensure that good wins. The maze seems to continue for eternity, and I cannot help but wonder if I am just constantly making the wrong turns? 


One step at a time

I guess only time will tell, and meanwhile, I will try to focus on the things that are within my control. Planning only one step ahead to not encounter too many letdowns as there has already been plenty. Focus on my breathing and practicing mindfulness, and being kind towards myself. Creating art and doing more of what makes me happy. 

I will promise myself (and encourage you to do the same) to celebrate the small wins, getting up, brushing my teeth – whatever it might be. Take time to heal and put me first when needed. I must remember that it is okay to be scared, but I cannot let it control me. I will let love in and breath the anxiety of the world out. 

Let’s pray for – and work towards better times. I believe that if we all work together and do what we can during these difficult times, love will once again rule. 

Letter from the Editor, Angie House

Welcome creative and passionate souls! I am so thrilled beyond recognition to join the Home of Passion team. And I’m honored to be here to help give the publication a consistent voice among our budding community of creatives and aspiring writers.

Whether you are a beginning writer with no clue how to write an article or an aspiring freelancer wanting to diversify your portfolio with a personal story, I want to hear from you! I will help mentor you through the writing process for Home of Passion as much or as little as you wish.

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