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We have created this page for everyone who wishes to create for Home of Passion; an online universe for caring and passionate souls. 

For you to become a part of our online universe you simply need to submit an outline on a topic of your own choice. This should outline what you would like to write about, and to which category your topic falls under. You are also more than welcome to submit any kind of art, illustrations, collages, music, etc. which you have created yourself. Or if you want to collaborate by creating art for a piece written by someone else. We are open to anything! Just share your thoughts and ideas with us in the submission form further down and we will work it out.

If you have already written a piece which has not been published anywhere else, you are welcome to submit that as well.

At the bottom of this page you will find the forms where you pitch your idea, and we will get back to you. 

This submission page should contain all the info you could need as well as inspiration for you to go by, if there is anything you find missing or have any further questions, contact us on



We want Home of Passion to be inclusive, like an open community. Our purpose is not to share stories about the new upcoming singer or a specific hot model’s favorite diet, but rather the stories, which dig a little deeper. We wish to embrace the many magical stories from different people’s everyday life, both the ups and downs, which ultimately will create a space where we can learn and empower one another.

We strive to create an online universe that connects a wide range of souls around a subject, which most of us know– passion. We aim to reach the goal of the brand becoming a personality our target group can relate to by creating diverse content, that inspires, starts conversations and stimulates mental wellness.

With mental health in focus, we want to explore some of the many themes that are present in the modern womens life. We aim to have a diverse group of women from different backgrounds, cultures, and with a wide range of experiences contribute in order to create content which is relevant for as many as we can (within our target group).

The articles will be written from our contributers perspectives, meaning they will use their personal style and experiences to allow people to relate, feel inspired and perhaps learn something new. They will be honest and we will avoid creating or promoting a specific way of living, being or looking. Instead we want to focus on celebrating and embracing our differences.

The passion will easily shine through as everyone who are taking part in the project and submitting content, have an emotional and passionate connection with the topic they have chosen.

2: Categories:

We have divided the articles into 10 different themes. We want to ensure there is a lot of different types of content, all having in common that they are personal, open and honest. We do NOT want to give the illusion of a perfect life. Instead, we want it to be real and relatable. These themes might change over time, and we are always open to feedback and other suggestions.

For inspiration you can look through previous articles under each category on the site.

Your soul has a shine to it. It can be difficult to see at times, but it is always there. We want to explore and share our stories and experiences with this shine. Sometimes mental health can take over and blind you for a while. It is okay. You’re not alone in struggling, but we believe it is important to talk about it. We’ve all felt alone with our demons, but this is a place to talk about the ups and downs, so we can learn and be inspired by one another.

There is so much beauty in this world, so many places and things to explore and experience. We will guide you through our favorite cities, but not hide the fact that travelling is not always easy. You grow and learn from everything you experience, but that does not mean it is all positive experiences. It is time to talk about it all, and talk about how to not let your mental health limit you from exploring the world. There are so many ways to travel and places to visit, we will share our tips and tricks, favorite places, and what works for us. We are not all the same, and that is a good thing.  This is a place to get inspired and maybe explore what will work for you. Let’s travel the world together.

Do you know that feeling when all you can think of is what you feel like eating? When you go shopping hungry, and end up buying the whole grocery store? Or when you go to a cafe and everything sounds amazing, and you end up ordering way too much food? That is what we call food mood. We will share our favorite recipes, snacks, funny facts, and experiences with food. Food can connect people, so let’s connect!

Life is one long journey, filled with ups and downs. We are always learning new things. Evolving and growing never stops. We will share all of our experiences and stories on growing up. All the thoughts and feelings in regards to feeling good enough. Am I successful enough? Am I good enough for this job? I finished my education, now what? Can I have a family and career at the same time? We will always be a work in progress, so let us address those uncomfortable feelings and questions we all deal with.

Let us all make a pact to wear whatever we want to. To not let some fashion people decide it for us, but have fun with it and wear our feelings on our bodies. Style is personal, it is not about what you wear, but how you wear it. Your clothes should be an expression of who you are, and help you feel confident. It is not about money, or what is trending. It is about what allows you to walk around with pride.

DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU’RE A HOME OF PASSION FRIEND! Dear diary, we want to share our day to day experiences, those small weird funny ones, with you. We will also share our monthly favorites and some ups and downs. It is always lovely to have a place to write all the feelings we feel down, get them out of our heads and into writing.

Through struggling with our mental health, we have fallen in love with home interior. Allowing our homes to be a part of us and our safeplace. A place we can feel loved, safe, and inspired. We want to explore what makes a home, and what ‘’home’’ means to different individuals.

Art does not look, feel, or sound a specific way. There are no rules, no wrong, and no right. It is about the stories we can share through it. We will talk about what art means to us, and how we can use our creativity to heal and grow.

There are so many things in life to enjoy. Some being music, books, tv-shows, and movies. They all allow you to travel, meet new people and experience new things, right from your favorite snuggle spot. We will share our favorites and so much more.

Life should not always be about fitting into a perfect box. We have spent a lot of time trying to and it does not work. Here is the theme for all the beautiful pieces of content that do not fit into one of the other themes. They are just as appreciated and worth a read. You might be surprised by how not fitting in can be a positive thing.

3: submission Timeline

1: Submit your idea and outline by filling out the form below, and we will get back to you.

2: Our editor (Angie) will make sure the piece fits in with our vision and give you some feedback. We will find out when it will be published, and based on that, give you a date on which you need to turn the finished piece in for editing.

3: If you provide artwork and photos yourself, our creative director (Laura), will set up the article in WordPress and prepare it to be published. If you need someone to create some artwork/photographs, we will do that. We will also need you to provide us with a photo and a little description about who you are which will go along with the piece.  

4: We will publish your piece, and share it across our social media platforms. We would love for you to do the same!!

Submission form for writing:

need help on how to fill it out? (CLICK HERE)

Pitch Template:

Home of Passion blog submissions should cover the concept of passion and creativity in all of its forms. That can include writing, meditating, yoga, art, etc. The parameters are broad here, so feel free to get creative. You can also write about your personal experience or any aspect of it.


Home of Passion Category: Select one of the ten categories. 

Format: listicle, personal story, how to guide, itinerary, etc.

Topic: Be very thorough. Provide 2 to 3 sentences explaining the idea, why you want to write about it. What makes it a good topic? 

Inspiration: Where did your idea come from?

Title: Main Topic Heading

Outline of Content: You should have 3- 5 subheads depending on the content depth and length of the piece.

  •       Subhead 1 – description of section.
  •       Subhead 2 – description of section.
  •       Subhead 3 – description of section.

Word count: Blogs posts are typically around 800-1000 words 

Graphic content: Please specify if you will provide photos to accompany your article piece.    

References/Sources:  Include links to relevant and/or source documents.